August 1 - Boho Berry Challenge - Introductions

I’ve already written an introduction blog post, but I’ll do it again here for the Boho Berry's August Journaling Challenge. Boho Berry has a beautiful blog and Youtube channel that is worth looking over if you are interested in self-improvement and productivity. She releases regular writing challenges and prompts for people to put in their bullet journals or elsewhere. I have decided to follow her August 2018 challenge this year, because it focuses on self-care.

As you may have known, I stopped posting regularly on my blog page back in April. The last few months have been really difficult. I was working two (basically) full-time jobs and my Grandfather was in the hospital for a long time. But now, my Grandfather is home and I’m back to something a little more realistic in terms of work. I shouldn’t be putting in as many hours at my second job going forward. Since things have calmed down now, I’m trying to get back on the blogging horse. And hopefully the next blog post will be released next week.

Self-care is one of the things that I neglected over the last few months. It is basically impossible to think about “Self-Care” when you are trying to just keep your head above water by eating and sleeping enough. I guess eating and sleeping enough is an important part of self-care too, but I feel like it is the bare minimum. And my mental health has definitely suffered from the lack of self-care I’ve had over the last few months.

My hope with these journal posts is to start to work out what “self-care” means to me, how I can best take care of my mental and physical health and make a better work-life balance.