August 3 - 10 Things that Make Me Smile

Today’s prompt is making a list of things that make me smile. Trying to incorporate things into your life that makes you smile everyday can really help boost your mood and improve your general mental and emotional well-being.

1)      My Husband – I would be remis if I didn’t start this list with my husband. He is my partner in this wonderful adventure called life. He is always there for me, and he supports me when I take on too much.

2)      My Friends – I try to put at least one coffee or lunch date on my calendar a week to see and hang out with my close friends. Friends make up a web of support that can keep me engaged with my loved ones.

3)      Funny Youtube Videos – I try to watch a few inspirational or funny Youtube videos regularly. Watching cute kittens and puppies, laughing at College Humor, and listening to inspirational people like Anna Akana help me unwind.

4)      Candy – I love a specific brand of gummy that is a little hard to find. My husband bought me a bunch of bags of it. I know I was talking about how important to eat healthy for self-care, but I also feel like you should still treat yourself (within reason).

5)      Music - I actually have a special playlist that only has songs that make me smile. Put a playlist together that you can throw on when you are feeling overwhelmed. And be brutal with your song selection. Every song on this playlist should make you immediately smile. It should make you want to get up and dance. And this playlist is only for you. Do you love that One Direction song, put it on your playlist. Do you love Tay-tay? Add the song. Don’t let other people’s judgement affect this playlist. This playlist is for you.

6)      Learning - I really enjoy learning new things. I try to read a lot of non-fiction and self-improvement books. I also love sharing what I’ve learned with my loved ones.

7)      Go to the Movies – I really like actually going to the movie theater. It’s like a mini-date with myself. I’m always so excited to sit in the big seats with a big bag of popcorn and just enjoy.

8)      Painting – I recently started painting with acrylic. I’m still not very proficient, but I am having a lot of fun putting a brush to the canvas. I just need to figure out what to do with all my paintings.

9)      Exercise – I sometimes really struggle to drag myself out for a run or to do my strength routine, but I always feel better after I finish.

10)   Adventure - I know it’s difficult to take grand vacations all the time. I define Adventure as “finding the novelty in everyday”. This means, that you should focus on the adventures you are having in your daily life. Try a new restaurant, go for a walk in a new neighborhood, or just listen to the sounds of the ocean on Youtube for a few minutes.