August 4 - My Favorite Way to Relax

Whenever I tell people that I’m struggling with self-care and anxiety, they will often tell me something like “you should try to relax”. I hate this response. I know I need to relax, because I’m anxious basically all the time, but I often struggle with actually finding a “relaxing” activity. The internet is often no help either. In general, I find lists that all say the same thing, try yoga, get a massage, or take a bath. Now all of these things work for many people, but I don’t find them to be especially relaxing. And I think this comes back to the fact that I’m an extrovert. A lot of lists of relaxing activities are designed for introverted people. They often involve solo quiet activities. But I am an extrovert. I’ve found that the most relaxing thing I can do is see my friends and loved ones. So the answer to this question is basically do things with my friends, watch a movie, grab a cup of coffee, or go to a party. Anything where I can chat and bond with my closest friends.