August 5 - Pampering Myself

I am definitely not great at pampering myself. I’m one of those people that puts so much focus on self-improvement and growth, that I often forget to take basic care of my well-being. I don’t really spend any energy on pampering myself. I would say that the thing I do the most often to pamper myself is go to the movies. I really enjoy sitting down in the big seats with a big bag of movie popcorn and get totally immersed in a new world for a couple hours.

There was a time when I went to the movies by myself every week. I actually told myself that I had to go regardless of what was playing, and I saw a lot of movies I wouldn’t have actually watched if I didn’t force myself to go to the movies. It was a really enjoyable time in my life. Since then, I haven’t been consistent about going to the movies regularly. I am a lot more busy now. I really need to try to schedule time to go to the movies, at least once a month.