August 7 - Taking a "Me" Day

Again, like a lot of these prompts, I understand what the appeal is for taking your own space and recharging for the introverted people of the world. As an extrovert, I often find the concepts of "Me" days and pamper time as more stressful than recuperative. When people generally talk about "Me" days, they talk about massages and quiet time doing nothing. Doing nothing alone for me is a stressful endeavor. It takes a lot of mental energy to suppress my intrusive thoughts and the more quiet and alone I am the louder and more insistent they become. That all said, I know I have a problem of trying to suppress the intrusive thoughts by keeping myself so busy I can't think. This is an unhealthy coping mechanism as well. What I need to do is find a balance between creating space in my calendar for recharging activities, but not so empty and alone that my anxiety increases. 

My one solution for this is to schedule time with my friends. Spend a day just relaxing in a small group. Maybe have a picnic, watch a movie, or just go for a walk. With this twist, I think this is something I can get behind. I'm going to try to schedule a relaxing day with a friend in the near future. I have a few open weekend this August.