August 8 - Asking for Help

I know that many people struggle to ask for help. There is a sense of pride that tells us we can take care of anything. We have a cultural ideal of one man versus the world. Just look at old Westerns or Action movies. The lone hero rides into town and all by himself he saves the town and gets the girl. It's an old trope, but tropes have power. There is a tendency to feel like we need to fix all the problems to be the hero of the story. And don't we all want to be the hero? 

The issue with this mindset is that we can't do everything. No one is an expert in every field. And even action hero's could use a little help from time to time. Heracles got help with the Hydra. Clint Eastwood needed the other men to find the grave of gold in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". Idealizing the lone hero just creates a false sense of isolation from people who could help you.

I believe that I am pretty good at asking for help from my friends and loved ones. My husband and I do a great job of splitting chores and household tasks, and when I over-book myself he's always there to support me. But when it comes to work, I have to remind myself that, when I'm really struggling or don't know what to do, reaching out to someone is something I can do. Relying on my husband to support me and my therapist to help talk though the intrusive thoughts is great. But I also have a tendency to just try to do all my work alone, even when I could use some advice. In specific answer to this prompt, I'd say stepping back and asking for advice or assistance from my coworkers would greatly improve my work-life balance.