August 9 - 3 Things I Love About Myself

Today's prompt is difficult for me. I am generally pretty critical of myself and I'm always working on self-improvement and growth. I often feel that if you aren't working on improving something, you're stagnating. But I realize that mindset in the extreme can make it difficult to find joy and be happy. So here goes. Here are three things that I love about myself:

1) My Hair -  I have great hair. It's thick, has a beautiful color, and grows really fast.

2) My Empathy - Although this can overwhelm me, or result in my feeling sad or mad or whatever for someone else, I feel like the benefits outweigh the costs. I believe that my empathy allows me to understand other people and be more considerate of my friends, loved ones, and, even, random strangers.

3) My Optimism - In high school, I made the decision to assume that everyone I meet and interact with is a good person who is trying to do good. The basic idea is that when you treat everyone like they are good and trying to do good, they tend to be more than happy to treat you good as well. it's a self-reenforcing cycle.