August 10 - Self-Care Obstacles

Probably the biggest and most pronounced obstacle for my self-care is my depression and anxiety. When I'm having a depressive episode, I struggle to even get myself out of bed in the morning. The effort to go for a run or even take a shower can be daunting. Self-care is more than just doing relaxing things, it's taking care of your body - eating healthy, exercising, and socializing. And those things, although good for me, can be even harder to do. 

I'm still trying to figure out what I can do to overcome this obstacle. I am currently trying to make sure I get out of bed in the morning, by setting my alarm a half hour earlier and immediately opening up my laptop and just writing something... really anything. This gets my brain awake without getting me sucked into Youtube videos or the news. Then when I'm supposed to get up for a run. I'm already awake and not falling down an internet rabbit hole. 

The other thing I've recently started doing to help with my depression is not using social media during the day. I've downloaded the (OFFTIME) app. It basically allows me set uninterrupted time on my phone. I can select which apps I will need to have available for work, and It just blocks me from using anything else for the time period I allot. The two things I like about this app are 1) when I zombie autopilot to Facebook (again), it pops up these pithy little windows that say things like "Take a deep breath" and "That doesn't lead anywhere" and 2) if I do actually need to use a restricted app, it's easy to turn off. It has a 60 second cool down, which is perfect for preventing impulsive app opening, but quick and easy enough to ensure that I will have access to stuff I actually need to use. 

I have honestly just implemented these ideas to try to help me self-motivate self-care in spite of my depression. We'll see if they help, but for right now I try to focus on the fact that I'm trying, and just being happy with that.