August 16 - My Morning Routine

I actually talked about my morning routine back in February on my blog, but my current morning routine has shifted over the last six months. And I've also made some dramatic changes this month to try to help with my self-care. First of all, I was struggling getting out of bed to go for a run in the mornings. My alarm would go off and I'd just curl back up and watch Youtube on my phone until I had to get up for work. For a while I was really stressed, so I had started watching Youtube as a self-care mechanism to relax with humor, but in combination with a depressive episode, it became unhealthy and obsessive. So here's my new morning routine:

1) Immediately pull out my laptop, and start writing. Doesn't matter what. It could be a daily ramble like this. It could be a new blog post. It could be just the words "I am writing" repeated over and over again. The important part is I wake up by writing.

2) Go for a run. Now that my brain has turned on, I get up and get out of the house. Worst case, I'll just walk for the half hour. The important thing is I get up and move.

3) Shower and Brush my teeth - self explainatory

4) Read until my husband's alarm goes off.  

If you compare this list to my previous "Morning Routine", you'll see some pretty dramatic differences. My previous morning routine started with a Mantra and Visualization of my ideal life. Although I think these are good things to do to help you work towards your goals and be productive, my current goal is to focus on motivating myself out of bed in the morning. Reducing the number of things I need to do to the few core things I want to do everyday makes it more easy to form new habits. Hopefully, once I form these new habits, I will be able to start adding visualization back into my life.