August 17 - Creative Time

Creativity is one of the areas in my life that I feel like I've been lacking in recently. I did spend a week compulsively painting a few months back. I think it was part of my attempt to distract myself from my anxiety. I also consider my writing a creative outlet, even though I write non-fiction and self-improvement posts for this website. The issue in both cases, is I have a tendency to work compulsively on painting or writing for several weeks and then I stop. I believe this might be because I start to have trouble figuring out what to do next or a depressive episode makes the initiation cost of the activity so high, I start to feel overwhelmed.  

My plan to sneak around these issues is to write daily. I am hoping that just sitting down at the same time and writing, regardless of what I write, will help me solidify the habit of writing. As for painting, I made a goal to finish one painting this month. I already have the idea in mind, so I'm just going to put it on my calendar for one night this month. I believe that starting with small, obtainable goals will help me succed in making the changes I want to make.