August 18 - My Favorite Hobbies

Recently, I was listening to Brene Brown discussing the importance of Play in living a whole-hearted life. She defines Play as doing something that you find enjoyable and serves no real purpose. This sent me down a spiral. "What do I do for Play?" I asked myself in vain. I scoured my calendar. "When was the last time I did something for no purpose?" I fretted. Too long ago, was the answer. Especially with how stressful and overwhelming my last few months have been, it's not surprise things without purpose had been pushed out. As is typical for this type of revelation, I started asking friends and loved ones about their "play" and hobbies. I started trying to figure out how to force "play" back into my life and stressing myself out over it. 

My Mom, always the insightful one, made the observation that any activity I did to accomplish this mystical "Play" requirement must be something that I would not try to become the best at. And she followed this up with how, maybe, I should try to find the amusement in the activities I am already doing in my life as opposed to adding something new into my already overflowing calendar. 

So for now, I'm going to limit my "play" the activities I am already doing: my writing, my reading, and my painting. I am just going to write these ramblings every day just for fun. I'm going to only read books I find interesting or enjoyable. and I am going to finish at least one painting a month. Are these my "favorite hobbies"? They are for right now.