August 19 - Enjoying the Outdoor

I am so lucky that I live in one of the nicest regions of California. The weather here is sunny and clear basically everyday of the year. It makes it really easy to do outdoor activities. When I was younger I lived in the extreme northern edge of California, which was cool and rainy most of the year. So I realize that many people can't just walk outside everyday. If you live somewhere where the weather is not optimal for going outside year around, I would recommend bringing a little of the outside into your home -  plants. You can have a few potted plants, bring home fresh cut flowers, or even just nice fake plants. Other than keeping plants around, the outdoor activities I enjoy doing are running and hiking. I'm lucky their are many beautiful trails and safe places to run around my home. There is also many campground and hiking trails within a quick drive from my house. Finally, I like to try to eat picnics in parks on occasion.