August 22 - Creating a New Habit

This is the month of creating new habits to try to get out of my depressive slump. I am trying to make a new morning and evening routine, as well as, ensure that I am doing regular self-care. You can read my earlier post about my morning routine, but suffice to say that I try to write, exercise, and read before my husband wakes up for the day. I feel like making a habit of starting my day off with a little bit of creative outlet, physical exercise, and self-improvement will be good for my health. Generally, I handle my mental issues better when I've been working out recently. I think the endorphins from the work out and the physical benefits make me feel and act less stressed. As for writing, I think just trying to create daily - even if it's just some ramblings - will help me incorporate the "Play" into my life that Brene Brown talks about in her books. Finally, I know that I am happiest when I am learning new things. Dedicating time to read and learn everyday helps keep my mind sharp and my conversations with others interesting. 

Making a new habit can be a bit of a struggle. I think the most important part is to start small. Currently my goals are to 1) write 15 minutes, 2) read 15 minutes, and 3) exercise. These are all pretty small and easily accomplishable goals. One of the big issues people make when they are trying to make changes to their lives, is they over commit. Over-commitment often results in failure. And failure reinforces negative voices that tell you you can't accomplish anything. This makes future goals more difficult. So the secret to making lasting change and accomplishing goals is actually scheduling what you want to do and starting with something reasonable (or even easy). Give yourself a low bar. You deserve it.