August 24 - My Favorite Podcasts

I have just started listening to a few Podcasts, and I'm still exploring and looking for my favorites. But my top podcasts right now are the following:

1) NPR Politics Podcast - This is a weekly+ podcast that goes over the most recent events in American politics and provides analysis and historical context. 

2) The Productivity Podcast - By Asian Efficiency, this podcast goes over a lot of self-improvement and productivity ideas. It as a lot of interviews with life coaches and productivity guru in the industry.

3) FiveThirtyEight Politics -  This is the political podcast hosted by the people at FiveThirtyEight. I really enjoy their meta analysis of the days news and the polls in the American Political sphere.

4) NPR Money Matters - This podcast does some current events, but often does deep dives into subjects related to money and the economy. It does some analysis and puts the current economics into an historic perspective. 

5) Secular Buddhism - By Noah Rasheta is a calm, sometimes meditative, podcast regarding different concepts and life questions from a secular Buddhist perspective.

6) Buddhist Geeks -  More conversational and less meditative than Secular Buddhism, this podcast discusses more subjects around the Buddhist scriptures and modern day life.