August 25 - Just Because It Makes Me Happy

I was chatting with my mother about self-care, and specifically incorporating "play" into my life. My mom brought up the point that whatever I decide to do for "play" I can't stress about it and try to become the "BEST" at it. This is a difficult task for me. I put so much energy and effort into self-improvement and trying to grow or be better all the time. Taking a step back and making sure that I am doing something "just because it makes me happy" and not just for self-improvement, I think will be a big step in helping me with my self-care. 

In addition to the hobbies I talked about earlier this month (writing, reading, and painting), I am also trying to schedule at least one social hang out a week. I'm an extrovert, so keeping socially connected to my friends and loved ones is one of the best things I can do to keep my mental health in check. It makes me happy.