September 5 - Feeling Joy

Joy is one of those strange feelings. It's something we value greatly, but when trying to acquire it, it can seem like it drifts further and further away. Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure or happiness. I've found that I have the most joy, when I stop thinking about joy. When I sit back and just take pleasure in the moment I find myself in. When I get lost in writing or reading a good book. When I go for a hike. When I see my friends. These are the experiences that I find the most pleasure in, but I only find that pleasure when I stop thinking about how I'm feeling and just enjoy.

Clinging to an outcome, like feeling joy, I've found does the exact opposite. It creates unrealistic expectation on how the event is going to go. And then disappointment when the outcome is not how you wanted. It also distracts you from the current moment.