September 6 - Spirituality and Daily Life

I used to be strictly "secular". I used to think that there is no place for "spirituality" in a modern society, but as I've grown, my thoughts on this subject have evolved. I've realized that we, as humans, need some way of finding purpose and meaning in our lives. Based on my definition, spirituality is just thinking about and trying to find your answers to the unanswerable questions. But how do you make this part of your daily life? 

Simply, you need to live your life according to your core values and your answers to those unanswerable questions. Questions like "What is My Purpose?", "What is the meaning of Life?", or "What is right and wrong?", help us decide how we should live. I'm going to go more in depth into the answers to these questions and more over the course of this month. You can play along by contemplating how you'd answer the questions too. Are you living your life according to the values and ethics that you think is correct?