September 27 - Rant: Don't Use Your Ethnic Friends

Please stop using "my [ethnicity] friend said..." to try to prove your point. 1) you can basically find someone to say anything, 2) your "friends" do not speak for their entire ethnicity, and 3) it's definitely an anecdotal logical fallacy, and potentially, a kind of twisted Appeal to Authority fallacy. 

These discussions are not black and white. They are very grey. The misappropriation and offensiveness of a particular event is dependent on intent, action, people involved, and an infinite number of factors. That's why civil dialogue on these points is so important. We need to come together an talk about these things. As a group and a society, we need to help each other grow awareness and foster understanding. We will never all agree where the line between offensive and not offensive lies. Support your actions and opinions with valid arguments. Don't pass responsibility for your actions and opinions off on your "friends".