October 8 - NaNoWriMo Channary Bel

Channary Bel is a new inspector for the national police. She was raised in the capital and worked hard to get through the police academy and spent three years on the beat. She just passed her inspector exams and has been assigned to a neighboring county that is in desperate need of inspectors and is extremely short staffed. She is excited because this is her first air ship ride and she’s traveling to a strange new land. She is the perfect example of a person working hard to accomplish their dreams. Her parents own a food shop in the big city, and they remember the beginning of the reformation. She decided at age 10 that she wanted to be an inspector for the National Police, when an inspector solved a mysterious case of murder that happen in her neighborhood. They are excited that their daughter is an inspector and they supported her through her education and training to be an inspector.