October 4 - NaNoWriMo Religion

Continuing the similarities between this world and Meiji era Japan, the main religion of this world is going to be a divine-right monarch. The Emperor is the leader of the country and the church, but he's basically just a religious leader. The new parliamentary system has taken over the bulk of the day to day country running, and the Emperor oversees the affairs of the religion. 

Legend says that the first Emperor of this nation was gifted the knowledge of the major runes by the divine beings. He shared the gift of these runes with the aristocracy and the monastics. The monastic orders are broken down into 6 sects. Each sect has mastered a specific craft/art using secret and protected runes to produce the desired outcomes. These arts were then sold to raise money for the orders.

Monastic Orders:

Weapon makers - focused on making weapons - exploding arrows, siege weaponry, magical weapons are only for the aristocracy and the elite soldiers, has recently been expanded to inspectors and elite police officers. generic weapons are created by local craftsmen

Protective Embroiderers - the protective cloth embroidery, runes are used to protect against elements. material degrades over time, so temporary protection. real armor is made by local craftsman and the halyards are draped over for added protection. fabric is woven and sewed by local craftsman, and the monks embroider in the runes.

Air Sailors - The air sailors are a very secretive and traditional order. The local craftsman build them a boat with additional shrine rooms around the hull. After the boat is built, the monks arrive and bless the ship and place the runic material into the shrine rooms. This causes the boats to float 50' over the ground. The boats are then piloted and sailed through the air by the monks. 

Healers - probably the most open and least protective industries, they have the main temple in the capital, but many satellite temples around the country for people to go to seek medical care. Many small towns have herbalists that can take care of regular day to day illness and injuries, but for severe medical cases, the healers can use their magical tools to manipulate energy in the body and cure illness. They have provided more widely distributed tools for the use of medicine, like "wands" to sedate or wake up people (comparable to morphine or smelling salts)

Scholars - The scholars preserved and studied the divine runes. because of the volatility of some runes. Many advanced runes needed to be memorized to be preserved. The scholars are a strict and aesthetic order. Living in mostly secluded and cloistered lives. The major industry of this monastery is paper and inks used for the practice of the runes. The protestant leader was originally from the order of scholars, until he had his epiphamy.

Teachers - Breaking away from the scholars. Spreading the knowledge of the "divine" runes has been lead by the monastic order of teachers. They are the youngest order, created by the protestant leader. They have set up small temples all over the country to teach basic runic knowledge to the masses. When the new emperor ascended he made the order official, and charged them with spreading all over the country to enlighten the populous.