October 5 - NaNoWriMo Magic

Being that this is supposed to be a fantasy world, I would be remiss if I didn't go into how magic is supposed to work. The magic system is runic based. The runes imbue the object with "divine" energy, and based on the rune the material takes on certain properties. Pretty much all the runes are either always active or touch activated. So the magic must actually make physical contact to react. Secondly, the material the rune is carved, embroidered, etched, or drawn on degrades as the magical energy is used up. The resilience of the material an the permanence of the runes determines how much energy is stored in the rune and how much use the item can have before it disintegrates. For example a rune on a piece of paper is a single use item, while a rune etched into a metal plate will last much longer before needing to be replaced. in both cases, though, at a certain point, the energy will finally dissipate and the material of the rune will crumble.

The magical runes were reserved for the elites and the monastics until 40 years ago, when the new emperor ascended and decreed that the basic runes should be accessible to the masses kick starting a societal shift and industrial renaissance.

Some examples of runic items: an arrow that ignites when it strikes something, a light bulb, a dress that sparkles (serves no other purpose), a piece of paper that ignites as a fire starter, a pipe that causes water to flow through it, either for pumping up wells or pumping out mines, a rod that can sedate a panicky patient, a rod that can wake a fainted person, a weapon that shocks an individual, an air ship,