July 30 - Cutting Back on Social Media

I have tried to cut back on my social media usage recently. I feel like I can't totally stop because so much of my connections to my friends are wrapped up in Facebook and Instagram, but I've found that the more time I spend scrolling, the worse I feel about my life and myself. So here are a few of the things I've done to try to cut back on my social media usage:

  1. Delete the Apps

    The first thing I did was make it difficult to just open Facebook and scroll. So I removed the app from my background. But that wasn't enough, because my phone would pop up my last used apps to the top. So I deleted the app off my phone. But, like I said, I still need to check it, so I'm logged into Facebook in a browser window on my phone. That way, I can access it if I need to, but it takes three clicks instead of one. This has really helped me not mindlessly go to Facebook. It's amazing how just a few more motions give me enough time to catch myself.

  2. Unfollow Almost Everything

    Next, I made Facebook boring. I unfollowed essentially everything. I didn't remove any of my friends, but I just opted to not get all their updates all the time. So I'm still there, and I get notifications when things relate to me, but when I open up Facebook, there isn't really anything going on. This has kept me from lingering, even when I do manage to click all the way into Facebook through the browser.

  3. Prominently place Kindle App

    Finally, I started reading a lot more e-books. I put the Kindle app prominently on my home screen, and when I'm bored waiting for a bus and I want to scroll, I open up the Kindle app and read instead. This action did two things. Firstly, I'm not spending as much time mindlessly scrolling through social media and feeling bad about myself. And secondly, I'm learning and growing.

Have you cut back on socal media? What tricks have you done?