July 31 - 1 Year

Tomorrow is one year since I started this “rambling” section of this website. The intent was to create a space for me to develop ideas and record what I was thinking about more regularly than my formal blog area. This area is a literal brain dump on various topics ad hoc and thrown together with no real editing and no real plan. I've also taken a large hiatus from all things as I've dealt with work overload and personal health stress.

With all those caveats, I actually think workshoping my ideas and taking through what I'm thinking about without worrying too much about grammar is something that I enjoy and something that I really need to do regularly for my mental health. My goal is to spend more time this next year focusing on my own growth. I hope that will translate into more consistent posts here.

Since I've wrapped a year here, the format of the post titles is going to change slightly, but the content will be just as poorly edited and stream of consciousness and ever. Here's to another year around the sun.

Are you enjoying what is essentially a journal? What topics do you want to read about?