September 9 - Gossip

Gossip is conversations about other people, typically involving details that aren't confirmed to be true. I know I shouldn't gossip. And I know that I should say, "gossip is bad" and "I don't participate in such a hateful and mean-spirited activity." But honestly, I do. Now do I do it to hurt people? Definitely not. But that's not really a justification. 

My obsession with gossip is actually an extension of my fear of upsetting people. Hear me out. I want to know who's mad and who, and what so-and-so did to upset such-and-such. Because I want to avoid creating a conflict when I talk to people or invite people to events. I don't want to invite two people that are actively upset at each other to a intimate dinner party. Or accidentally tell so-and-so what such-and-such and I did last weekend. My obsession with not upsetting anyone creates a need in me to know intimate details about everyone's lives. I'm not saying this as a justification. I'm working on not spreading rumors and gossiping. I just recognize that when someone else does, a part of me "needs" the information. 

In conclusion, "gossip is bad." and "don't participate in such a hateful and mean-spirited activity." I'm working on growing and improving as a person, and maybe someday soon, I won't be such a gossip.