January 11 - Goodbye Cup

When I started down this path of choosing my Core Values, the second one I picked was "Impermanence". I thought about how I really needed to work on letting thing change and go. How I clinged so much to a reality that will always be in flux. The next day after I officially picked Impermanence, my favorite pint glass, a gift from my best friend, shattered. It was all my fault. It was the universe showing my what is had committed to, letting go of things. 

My favorite glass was part of set of pint glasses. Yesterday, the last of the set broke. It's just an interesting closure. Got me thinking about the past. When I broke the first one, I was really sad. My partner offered to try to fix it, but it was broken into far too many little pieces. It was hard to let go. Yesterday, when I was informed that the last glass had broken, I was sad too, but it was more a sense of remeniscent, a quick thought about all the time I enjoyed the glasses, not just the one that broke, but the whole set. And then I moved on.

I took a step back where I realized how much less painful the loss of the last cup was. In the last few years I have improved in my value of Impermanence. And that's something to celebrate. So, Goodbye Cup. Thank you for all the fun we had. Thank you for being their for me for so long. Thank you for helping me see my improvements. Goodbye Cup. 

January 5 - Acceptance

Some time things seem to go wrong or not our way. This can be especially hard for me because I fixate on what went wrong and what I did wrong. One of my core values is Impermanence. It's not my core value because I've mastered it. I'm by no means free of clinging desperately to the things I can change and the things that have changed. It's my value, because I want to value it. I'm intentionally trying to improve my reaction to the thing out is my control. 

The first step to work towards Impermanence when things go wrong is simply acceptance. I have to step back, reconzie that this is the path I'm walking down now. If I try to fight it, I'll just prolong the suffering. Once you accept the path, then you can start to adapt.