September 12 - Wisdom

Wisdom means having a quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement. Instead of waxing poetically on this subject, I'm just going to tell the story of the old man and his horse, because that's the wisdom that I think we need to all remember.

Once there was an old man who had one horse. One day there was a storm and the horse spooked and broke out of its pen and ran off to the woods. The town's people came around and told the old man how sorry they were that he'd lost his only horse. How sad they were he'd suffered the loss of his horse. And the old man said, "We shall see."

Then a few weeks later, the horse reappeared with an entire herd of wild horses. And the villiagers came around and said what a blessing it was, and how lucky he was. And the old man said, "We shall see."

Then while training one of the new horses, the man's only son was thrown and broke his leg. The townspeople came around and said. what misfortune, what bad luck that he son was now lame. And the old man said "We shall see."

Then the army rolled through town and they drafted all the young men of the villiage, but not the old man's son as he was injured. And the villiagers came to the old man and told him how lucky he was and he said, "we shall see."