September 21 - Ethics and Murder

So I know I already talked a little about my personal ethical code a few days ago, but I want to dive into my specific feeling around murder, because this is one of my absolute ethical structures that I think I differ from a lot of people.

I believe that most people think murder is wrong. But I also think that most people also think there are some justifiable reasons to kill someone. Whether you believe the death penalty should be used for serious violent criminals, or that you should be allowed to defend yourself, most people do think some forms murder is justified. My ethical structure says that it is never justified to intentionally kill another human being. 

If you intentionally try to kill another human being, regardless of reason, I believe it is wrong. My one exception is Euthanasia. But that's because I believe we should always respect body autonomy, and if someone chooses to end their life, they should be allowed to do that. I know this is an unusual believe structure, but it's mine.